Prof. CHAN L.W. Cecilia Professor, Chair of Health and Social Work
Prof. YIP S.F. Paul Professor, chair of Population Health
Prof. HO T.H. Rainbow Professor
Prof. HO S.Y. Petula Professor
Prof. LUM Y.S. Terry Head of Department / Professor
Prof. TSE S.K. Samson Professor
Prof. WONG F.K. Daniel Professor
Dr. CHOW Y.M. Amy Associate Professor
Dr. CHUI W.T. Ernest Associate Professor
Dr. LOU W.Q. Vivian Associate Professor
Dr. NG S.M. Associate Professor
Dr. RAN M.S. Associate Professor
Dr. TSANG K.M. Sandra Associate Professor
Dr. WONG W.C. Paul Associate Professor
Dr. CHAN H.Y. Celia Assistant Professor
Dr. CHOI W.M. Anna Assistant Professor
Dr. JORDAN L. Porter Assistant Professor
Dr. LAW Y.W. Frances Assistant Professor
Dr. NAN K.M. Joshua Assistant Professor
Dr. WANG S.H. Julia Assistant Professor
Dr. WONG H.Y. Gloria Assistant Professor
Prof. CHOW W.S. Nelson Emeritus Professor
Prof. LEUNG C.B. Joe Professor
Dr. YEUNG K.C. Principal Lecturer
Dr. CHIEN M.H. Elsie Lecturer
Ms. CHU S.M. Kurtee Lecturer
Ms. HUI S.K. Heidi Lecturer
Dr. LAW M.F. Ben Senior Lecturer
Mrs. LO C.H. Bibiana Lecturer
Dr. NOGUCHI L.M. Lecturer
Ms. TAI Y.Y. Lianne Lecturer
Dr. TANG P.S. Jessica Lecturer
Mr. WONG Y.C. Lecturer
Dr. Wong P.Y. Venus Lecturer
Mrs. WONG H.K.Y. Eltha Director of Field Instruction
Miss CHAN K. Assistant Lecturer
Dr. CHUNG L.P. Catherine Assistant Lecturer
Ms. KO L.Y. Debby Assistant Lecturer
Ms. LAM L.S. Lydia Assistant Lecturer
Ms. LAU S.C. Clara Assistant Lecturer
Ms. LO Y.S. Joanne Assistant Lecturer
Mr. POON W.L. Assistant Lecturer
Miss WAN W.K. Christina Assistant Lecturer
Dr. CHEUNG C.Y. Amos Research Assistant Professor
Dr. CHAN S.M. Jessie Post-Doctoral Fellow
Dr. FANG L. Post-Doctoral Fellow
Dr. Lau H.P. Bobo Post-Doctoral Fellow
Dr. LIU L. Lucia Post-Doctoral Fellow
Dr. Ng T.K. Post-Doctoral Fellow
Dr. YUEN W.Y. Winnie Post-Doctoral Fellow
Name Position Telephone Email
Ms. AMBROSE M.R. Teaching Assistant 39175353
Ms. CHAN K.Y. Carol Teaching Assistant 39175959
Miss CHAN H.L. Hallie Teaching Assistant 39175027
Miss CHENG Y.Y. Cherry Teaching Assistant 39175025
Miss HUANG L. Lola Teaching Assistant 39172078
Miss LU Anqi Teaching Assistant 39172095
Miss PADMANABHAN Divya Teaching Assistant 39171154
Name Position Telephone Email
Mr CHEUNG P.Y. Stephen Department Secretary 39172288
Ms POON C.T. Ariel Executive Officer 39172099
Ms THAM P.M. Stella Executive Officer 39174159
Ms WAN C.W. Executive Officer 39175849
Ms WONG W.L. Executive Officer 39172073
Ms CHAN H.Y. Chris Clerk / Executive Assistant 39174732
Ms KWONG Cindy Clerk / Executive Assistant 39172075
Ms SIT W.M. Jesslin Clerk / Executive Assistant 39172094
Ms TANG K.L. Ada Clerk / Executive Assistant 39175308
Ms YIP Shirley Clerk / Executive Assistant 39174979
Mr LEE N.S. Samuel Clerical Assistant 39172097
Ms Ng H.L. Helen Clerical Assistant 39172090
Mr HON K.W. IT Officer 39172071
Mr CHEUNG C.P. IT Technician 39174144
Ms HO K.L. Facilities Attendant 39175583