Dr. LIU Lin, Lucia

Dr. Lucia Liu is a post-doctoral fellow at the Department of Social Work and Social Administration. She obtained her PhD degree in sociology of education at the Faculty of Education, the University of Hong Kong. She conducted research on the subculture of young people who are labelled as deviant students in the education system in China. After joining the Department, she also completed a Master’s degree in Social Work and is now a registered social worker. Driven by the passion to facilitate positive development in disadvantaged individuals and promote social equity, her research and practice interests lie in youth culture and youth mental health. She is also enthusiastic in rendering family-based intervention to enhance the wellbeing of children and youth.

  • Room no. CJT-548
  • E: lucialau@socwork.hku.hk
  • T: (852) 39175586
  • Position: Post-Doctoral Fellow

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Volunteer Mentor for Problem-Solving Skills Training and Mentorship Programme for Adolescents (Centre for Suicide Research & Prevention, HKU)
Discovering hidden youth in Shanghai through the eyes of social workers: An exploratory mixed-methods study (ongoing)
Ph.D. research, “Muddling Through”: A Cultural Perspective on Life in Schools for China’s Deviant Students