Dr. JORDAN Lucy Porter

Dr. Jordan (Assistant Professor, Department of Social Work and Social Administration, University of Hong Kong) works at the intersection of social policy and population studies. Her professional and research experience emphasizes market-state-civil society strategies to address social protection needs and vulnerabilities of families and youth. The overarching question driving Dr. Jordan’s scholarship and practice is to understand how government policies and practices influence and impact on intimate family life. Current research focuses on migration and the family in emerging economies of Asia. Dr. Jordan has held research grants as PI from the RGC (Hong Kong), British Academy (UK), National Institute of Health (NIH) (USA), as CO-I from the Ministry of Education (MOE) (Singapore), ESRC (UK) and international research consultancy on child protection topics has been funded by UNICEF and Terres D’Hommes. She also holds an honorary appointment as Senior Research Associate at the Centre for Social Development in Africa (CSDA), University of Johannesburg recognizing her contribution to the development of social development research in sub-Saharan Africa.

1. Jordan, L.P, Chui, C., Wu Q.B., Wang, W. (In Press). Local worker discretion within non-governmental organizations: social integration, social control, or innovation? China Journal of Social Work.
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1. Academic Committee Member, International Society for Third Sector Research 2015 – present
2. Reviewer, Australia Research Council (ARC), 2014 – present
PI : The impact of growing up in a transnational household on youth transition to adulthood: A comparative mixed method study from Southeast Asia. Research Grants Council, General Research Fund. Starting date: January 2016. H$747,504
PI : The Democratisation of Social Research: Reciprocal Learning across Boundaries in the Development of a Contextually Relevant Framework of Risk for South African Young Adults. Starting date: 2013. The British Academy International Partnership and Mobility Scheme (UK). Amount awarded: GBP£29,300
PI : Pilot Study: Evaluating methodology for estimating prevalence of CSEC in Kathmandu, Nepal. Terre des hommes Foundation (Tdh) Amount Awarded: USD$10,820.
Co-I : Child Health and Migrant Parents in South-East Asia (CHAMPSEA): Wave II. Ministry of Education, Singapore. Starting February 2016. Approved amount: S$592,994
Co-I : Social and Cultural Capital in the Creation of Human and Health Capital: A Comparative Study of Cross-border, Immigrant and Local Students in Hong Kong. Starting January 2016. Approved amount: H$649,500.
Co-I : Assessing the Impact of Internal Labour Migration on Intergenerational Support, Health and Income: the Cases of China and South Africa. Economic Social Research Council (ESRC UK). Starting date: 2011. Completion date: 2012. Approved amount: GBP£193,730