Prior to joining the university, Dr. Noguchi worked with community groups and nonprofit organizations in Asia both as the President of the Badi Foundation in China and as a consultant to international, regional and national agencies and organizations. Her professional work emphasizes facilitation of community development, gender equality and sustainable development. Through her service on several nonprofit and regional boards, she has also worked closely with organizations throughout Asia, including Philippines, Japan, Mongolia, Taiwan, Malaysia and Thailand. Her research focuses on the role of nonprofits in community building and sustainable development, institutional capacity building, gender, and the development of civil society in China. She is currently the Deputy Director of the Master of Nonprofit Management Programme at HKU.

  • Room no. CJT-503
  • E: lnoguchi@hku.hk
  • T: (852) 39174754
  • Position: Lecturer

Moreno, J. M., Noguchi, L. M., & Harder, M. K. (2017). Understanding the Process of Community Capacity-Building: A Case Study of Two Programs in Yunnan Provice, China. World Development, 97, 122-137.
Noguchi, L.M. and S. Ali.” Women, Decision Making and Sustainability: Exploring the Experience of the Badi Foundation in Rural China.” Hastings Women’s Law Journal, Summer 2011.
Board of Directors, Badi Foundation (Macau)
Co-founder, Institute for Global Civilization (Hong Kong)
Member, North-South Advisory Board of the TwoWings Private Foundation (Austria)
Board of Directors, Development Learning Association (Luxembourg)
The role of community in the establishment of legitimacy in community based organizations and groups in the People’s Republic of China
Impacts of participatory grass roots projects on community development in Greater China
Measuring Change: Incorporation of Values-based Indicators in Community-based, Participatory Action-Research Development Projects