Dr. Lau Hi Po

My research interest is in the reciprocity between the body, mind and spirit at various points of the human lifespan. In particular, I am fascinated by the strengths of the mind and personality in helping an individual to overcome debilitating health conditions, as well as the application of health psychology to enable more person-centered health and social care services. My research career started off with gerontological investigation on dementia caregiving and longevity (centenarians). With my post-doctoral fellowship, I moved on to using an integrative body-mind-spirit (IBMS) social work approach to study chronic health conditions, including cancers and skin diseases (e.g., children eczema). Recently, my academic inquiry on health psychology has extended to the case of infertility and reproductive loss. In brief, my research is driven by a deep appreciation of the interconnectedness of the body, mind and spirit in supporting good health from birth to death.

  • Room no. CJT-811
  • E: hpbl@hku.hk
  • T: (852) 39171255
  • Position: Post-Doctoral Fellow
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