Dr. WANG Julia Shu-Huah

Julia Shu-Huah Wang's research focuses on social welfare policies, immigration policies, and the well-being of families. She is currently working on several research projects, including impacts of social assistance policies on families; measuring multi-dimensional poverty; impacts of immigration policies; the cost-effectiveness of an economic empowering intervention in Uganda; and immigrant integration trajectories. Dr. Wang is a licensed social worker in Taiwan and in New York and a registered social worker in Hong Kong. She has practice experience working with families and children, and also has experience in advocacy, policy analysis, and program evaluation.

Wang, J. S-H. (2015). TANF coverage, state TANF requirement stringencies, and child wellbeing. Children and Youth Services Review, 53, 121-129.
Wang, J. S-H., Ssewamala, F. M., & Han, C-K. (2014). Impacts of family economic strengthening interventions on mental health functioning of caregivers for AIDS-affected children in rural Uganda. Vulnerable Children and Youth Studies, 9(3), 258-269.
Lu, Y., Wang, J. S-H., & Han, W-J. (2017) Women’s Employment Trajectories in the First Year Following Birth: Patterns, Determinants, and Variations by Race/Ethnicity and Nativity. Demography, 54(1), 93-118.
Kaushal, N., Lu, Y., Denier, N., Wang, J. S-H., & Trejo, S. J. (2016). Immigrant employment and earnings growth in Canada and the U.S.: Evidence from longitudinal data. Journal of Population Economics, 29(4), 1249-1277.
2017-2018 Committee member for the policy advisory project “Privatization of Social Welfare and Health Care in Taiwan”, Commissioned by National Health Research Institutes and Ministry of Health and Welfare in Taiwan to National Taiwan University (led by Professor Yuen-Wen Ku)
2017-2019 Managing Editor, Hong Kong Journal of Social Work
Principal Investigator (2017-2019). Public and Private Safety Nets and Poverty Dynamics in Taiwan and Southeast China – A Mixed-Methods Examination of the Transitional East Asian Welfare Regime. Funded by Early Career Scheme (ECS), Research Grant Council (HK$409,288).
Principal Investigator (2017-2018). The Development and Evaluation of an Experiential Learning-based Policy Advocacy Practice Course in Hong Kong. Funded by Teaching Development Grants (TDG) Award, HKU (HK$247,364).
Principal Investigator (2015-2016). 287(g) Local Immigration Enforcement Policy and Health of Mexican Immigrant Families in the US. Funded by Horowitz Social Policy Grant from Horowitz Foundation for Social Policy (US$7,500).