Dr. LAW Chi Kwong

Having taught at the University of Hong Kong since 1981, CK is the most senior ex-department head still teaching at the Department. Been a member of the Legislative Council (1995-97, 1998-2004), served as research consultant to many government departments and bureaux, and serving in many advisory bodies, CK is very familiar with the policy formulation process of the HKSAR Government and many of his policy research and advocacy work have formed part of existing government policies. Being the Chair of the Community Care Fund Task Force, CK is sometimes mistaken by members of the public to be “Mr. Kwan”. Apart from sitting in the board of directors of several major NGOs in Hong Kong, CK along with others has founded the Senior Citizen Home Safety Association which is the major service provider for emergency call service for elderlies in Hong Kong and is also quoted as one of the few very successful social enterprises in Hong Kong.

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[NGO] Senior Citizen Home Safety Association: Founder, Chairman (1996-2006), Hon. Treasurer (2006-now)
[NGO] Hong Kong Council of Social Service, Executive Committee Member, (1990-94, 1995-now, Hon. Treasurer 2010 – 2014); Chairman, Information Technology Resource Centre Business Committee (2004 - now)
[NGO] Caritas-Hong Kong: Chair, Social Work Committee (Member since 1991, Chairperson since 2005), Member of Board of Management and Council (since 2005)
[NGO] Hong Kong Christian Service: Member, Management Committee, (Member since 2004, Hon. Treasurer since 2012)
Commission on Strategic Development, Member, since 2005
Commission on Poverty, Member, since 2012
Community Care Fund, Executive Committee Chairman (2010-2012), Task Force (under Commission on Poverty) Chairman (2012 – now).
Statistics Advisory Board, Member, since 2014
PI: A Study on Family Impact Assessment in Hong Kong: A Checklist Approach. Amount:$1,360,000 Funding Source: Central Policy Unit, HKSAR Govt. Completion Date:Nov. 2018
PI: Consultancy for Formulating an Elderly Services Programme Plan. Amount:$1,400,00 Funding Source: Labour & Health Bureau, HKSAR Govt.Completion Date:Dec. 2016
PI: Consultancy Services for Studying the Feasibility of Introducing a Voucher Scheme on Residential Care Service for the Elderly. Amount:$200,000 Funding Source: Labour & Health Bureau, HKSAR Govt.Completion Date:March 2016
PI: Review on the Conduct of a Social Impact Study. Amount:$1,400,000 Funding Source: Urban Renewal Authority, HKSAR Govt. Completion Date:December 2012
PI: The Review of Information Technology (IT) Strategy for the Social Welfare Sector. Amount:$1,188,480 Funding Source: Social Welfare Department, HKSAR Govt.Completion Date:December 2012
PI: Study to Review the Appointment of Urban Renewal Social Service Teams. Amount: $196,000 Funding Source: Urban Renewal Fund Limited, HKSAR Govt.Completion Date:August 2012
PI: Evaluative Study of the Social Welfare Premises Planning Process for the Social Welfare Department. Amount:$278,000 Funding Source: Social Welfare Department, HKSAR Govt.Completion Date:May 2012