Bachelor of Social Sciences

Coordinator's Message

The Department of Social Work and Social Administration (SWSA) offers a range of major and minor programmes for the students of BSocSc. The programmes include: Core Disciplinary Major/Minor: Social Work & Social Administration; and Multidisciplinary Major/Minor: Counselling. In academic year 2016-17, a new Minor in Social Development is launched.

Our programmes emphasize social research and social sciences methods to solving human problems. The programmes will provide students with a solid foundation in social sciences. Whatever major you are taking and whatever career you will be choosing, you will benefit from the training in intellectual and practical dimensions. You will be equipped with effective communication skills, problem solving skills, and social consciousness.

The acquisition of the social work knowledge and skills is helpful to career development in all fields. As a graduate in Social Work & Social Administration, as well as the major/minor of various programmes, you are best equipped for positions of Executive and Administrative Officers in the government which finances and administers the largest bulk of social services, or planning and management positions in non-governmental and private agencies etc. You may also pursue further studies in the Master of Social Work, Master of Social Sciences, and Master of Philosophy programmes provide by the Department.

If you are interested in joining our new adventure or learning more about our staff and courses, please browse our web pages for further information

Dr. Paul W.C. WONG
BSocSc Programme Coordinator


Our programmes aims to enable genuine whole-person education and nurture individuals with the knowledge of human problems and multiple techniques in dealing with the problems. We are committed to preparing students with conceptual, analytical, and organizational skills for effective problem-solving and to enhancing students with a sense of social responsibility and a commitment to serve society.