Master of Expressive Arts Therapy

Name Details
Prof. Rainbow T.H. Ho Prof. Rainbow T.H. Ho Registered Expressive Arts Therapist (USA)
Registered and Board Certified Dance Movement Therapist (USA)
Registered Arts Therapist (USA)(Australia & New Zealand)
Registered Somatic Movement Therapist / Educator (USA)
Certified Group Psychotherapist (USA)
Certified Movement Analyst (USA)
Ms. Julia C. Byrne Ms. Julia C. Byrne Registered Arts Therapist (USA)(Australia & New Zealand)
Prof. Paul S.F. Yip Prof. Paul S.F. Yip Associate Dean (Research), Faculty of Social Sciences
Professor, SWSA
Director, Centre for Suicide Research and Prevention
Ms. Adeline L.H. Chan Ms. Adeline L.H. Chan Registered Drama Therapist (USA)
NADTA Board Certified Trainer
Dr. C.H. Chan Dr. C.H. Chan Post-Doctoral Fellow, Centre for Suicide Research and Prevention
Mr. Alex T.S. Hui Mr. Alex T.S. Hui Registered Social Worker (HK)
Registered Arts Therapist (Australia & New Zealand)
Registered Dance Therapist, BTD
Ms. LEE L.C. Bianca Ms. LEE L.C. Bianca Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor
Registered Art Therapist
Licensed Professional Counselor
Dr. Winnie W.Y. Leung Dr. Winnie W.Y. Leung Registered Clinical Psychologist (HK)
Ms. Yasmin Y.C. Li Ms. Yasmin Y.C. Li Board Certified Music Therapist (USA)
Ms. Candy H.Y. Lo Ms. Candy H.Y. Lo Board Certified-Dance/Movement Therapist (US)
Registered Drama Therapist (US)
Certified Child Life Specialist (USA)
Dr. Pandora O.K. Ng Dr. Pandora O.K. Ng Certified Play Therapist (UK)
Certified Parent Coach (Singapore)
Dr. Jordan S. Potash Dr. Jordan S. Potash Registered Expressive Arts Therapist (USA)
Licensed Creative Arts Therapist (USA)
Licensed Clinical Professional Art Therapist (USA)
Board Certified and Registered Art Therapist (USA)
Dr. Venus Y.H. Tang Dr. Venus Y.H. Tang Registered Psychologist (Clinical Psychologist) (HK)
Ms. Agnes F. Tin Ms. Agnes F. Tin Registered Social Worker (HK)
Fellow in Thanatology (USA)
Dr. Anthony K.K. Tong Dr. Anthony K.K. Tong Registered Clinical Psychologist (HK)
Mr. Adrian H.Y. Wan Mr. Adrian H.Y. Wan Counselor
Registered Social Worker (HK)
Trained Teacher of Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC)
PhD Candidate