Master of Expressive Arts Therapy

The programme has an emphasis on learning in consideration of Asian cultures, which would be applicable for me in my work. And there are students from a wide range of fields and backgrounds to learn from.

Cheryl Lee,  

Social Worker

It is the place where Eastern and Western cultures and philosophies are adopted in the research and application of expressive arts therapy

Candace Leung,  

Lecturer of Design School

Lecturers are specialists in the field.

Margaret Wong,  

Visual Artist

I can learn multiple arts forms of expression and experience its benefits for healing through arts making.

Snowy Lam,  

Artist – Chinese Painting and Calligraphy

I feel that the instructors here are very passionate. They all have lots of experiences in arts and helping others.

Kevin Lam,  

Behavioral Therapist

By doing artworks, transformations happened when new insights were gained. Besides, the courses enable me to re-appreciate myself as well as others as very unique aesthetic human beings.

Stella Lam,  


The programme is resourceful in helping us to develop sense in expanding clients’ repertoire. It is innovative, creative and the faculty is very helpful in helping us to train us with using an integrated approach.

Isabel Li,  

Educational Psychologist

It’s not only a learning process. It’s a process to heal self before healing others.

Zoe So,  

Art Teacher