Master of Social Sciences
(Behavioral Health)

I feel exceptionally fulfilling to learn from a group of knowledgeable and enthusiastic teachers. You will be inspired by their wealth of experience and profoundity of knowledge.

Alfred Cheng,

Social worker

A multi-dimensional journey that has been wonderfully taken in my mid-life to review health and learn……an inspirational life impact!

Danny Lo,

Occupational Therapist

Studying this programme does not only enrich my knowledge, but the interactive teaching method enables me to learn a lot of practice experience.

David Lau,

Occupational therapist

Studying MBH is the path to awake myself. Through Body-Mind-Spirit approach, I can understand myself profoundly and aware the way of happiness. All of these experiences enriched my professional development. The core component of MBH is the compassionated and intelligent staff. You can feel it!

Ching-Chuen Law,

Phychiatric nurse

It is a very enjoyable programme. You meet a variety of students who come from different professions and there is a magical chemistry arises from the group work. The program guides me to a new horizon of health care, not only enlightens me on the integrative approach but also the new appreciation of Chinese culture and the energy therapy. I look forward to more BMS projects contributing by the students of coming years.

Agnes Loo,


Studying this programme has been for me not only an academic but also a deep personal experience. Not only has the programme opened new ways to consider health from a Body-Mind-Spirit perspective, but also I have been able to experience the connection myself.

Jimena Velasco Gomez,


I was impressed by all staff in the Centre, who are so kind and sincere. I gained more than I expected and feel great honour to be one of the students in the Centre.

Sau-loi Tai,

Registered nurse

I never feel so enthusiastic and devoted in studying a course. To look back, just wonder how I could have almost 100% attendances and why I was so hesitate and reluctance to skip a lesson. I am really grateful for having a chance to attend such a great course and meet such great staffs and classmates. Studying in CBH was one of the best experiences in my life that I will treasure it always.


Student counselor

I am so glad to study this programme which equipped me with practical skills and knowledge in holistic health. Through this course, I gained personal insights to re-define meaning and purpose of life. I have no hesitation to recommend this programme to those who wish to enhance well-being for the self and others.

Raymond Leung,

Programme Advisor