Master of Social Sciences (Mental Health)

Candidates are required to complete a total of 10 courses: six compulsory courses and four elective courses or two elective courses with a dissertation (equivalent to two courses). In the first year of study, students will acquire most current knowledge about the contexts, policies and practices in mental health. They will also be introduced to advanced and practical knowledge and skills in psychiatric assessment and mental health counselling. In the second year, students can choose to specialize in four areas in mental health (i.e. Integrative Mental Health, Children and Youth Mental Health, Psychogeriatric Care and Cognitive-Behaviour Therapy). Candidates must complete 5 courses, with some recommended courses that are offered under the Mental Health syllabus and elective courses from courses in other fields of study under the Master of Social Sciences (Behavioral Health, Gerontology, Social Service Management, Social Work) programmes. Special approval from the respective Programme Directors for the courses in the above-mentioned fields of study is needed.

(1) Not all elective courses will necessarily be offered in a given year.


Student can opt for dissertation for two additional elective courses.

SOWK9003 Dissertation