Master of Social Sciences
(Nonprofit Management)

This programme helps me to understand both Asian and international perspectives in nonprofit sector, and how to collaborate with government and private sectors. I expect to enhance my understanding as a leader in this sector. NGOs are going to work closer with the Government and they should be better equipped for future challenge. Our cohort is immensely diverse which makes up a unique and rewarding educational journey. We learn not only theories, but also the practical approaches arising from various experiences, to address the social problems. I wanted to learn about the nonprofit and social service sector in Asia; HKU is an outstanding university with supportive resources to enable students to embark on their journeys.

Ms. Nupur Agrawal | student of 2015-16 MSocSc (NPM) programme

The Programme is highly relevant to my passion in the nonprofit industry as it shows me a very comprehensive view of the sector. It provides a lot of skills that is useful for career development and to achieve management level. There are some useful methodologies and theories that I can apply to my work, the nonprofit sector development is to see all these passionate people improving the society and making the world a better place. My vision is that the non-profit sector will have increasing cross-sector collaborations and will create a more significant impact to the society. This provides me with a much broader perspective on how I view the nonprofit sector. Exchanging opinions and ideas with classmates made me realise that my journey is not alone.

Miss Danielle Yeung, Program Officer | The Women's Foundation (Hong Kong), student of 2015-16 MSocSc (NPM) programme

The MSocSc (NPM) Programme provides highly relevant curriculum, empowering me to excel at my senior management career in non-profit sector from vision and mission, to develop performance measurement into designing strategies. The materials are insightful for providing best practices learning from world class leaders with case studies in the States, Hong Kong, Taiwan and China. Through learning different landscapes as well as understanding various perspectives in the non-profit spectrum (i.e. NGO, NPO, civil society, social enterprises, foundations, CSR, etc.), the Programme facilitates me to understand how to develop strategies for my organisation. I have a vision to fill in the gap by developing the first succession planning framework for senior executives in nonprofit sector. Through studying in MSocSc (NPM), I would like to consolidate resources, experts and networks for promoting cross-sector collaborations so as to enhance the eco-system in the sector. I am always impressed by the efficient management, high quality performance and dedicated commitment of nonprofit sector in Hong Kong. In the future, I envision Hong Kong to be a global learning hub for nonprofit sector. The interaction of classmates provides great insights for learning from best practices to understand different approaches in managing various organisations. Through working together intensively, we have developed close friendship, sharing our career challenges as well as providing support to each other.

Mr Clive Lee, Chief Operation Officer | Chen Yidan Foundation; student of 2015-16 MSocSc (NPM) programme