Master of Social Work


HKU-MSW-Director-Dr.Edward Chan
Director’s Message

We are in the era of increasing diversity and conflict. Diversity exists in terms of race and ethnicity, culture, gender, sexual orientation, disability, age, economic status, health disparity, political orientation, family conflict, violence, and the like. Diversity, if embraced with equity and justice, can be enriching. People can learn from each other while respecting differences. Unfortunately, the reality is that in some contexts, the presence of diversity lends to discrimination and conflict. Conflicts can arise between countries, ethnic groups, interest groups and even family members, and bring harm to the ones who suffer from it. We believe that social workers have active roles in helping people suffering from disadvantages, discrimination and conflict.

Social work education at the University of Hong Kong has a long and renowned record. We house one of the most respected Master of Social Work programs in Asia, and admit talented students with strong commitments to being peacemakers and healers in global conflicts. This programme equips students with advanced training in knowledge and skills to reflect and resolve conflicts within themselves and to help disadvantaged groups. Through these academic and training engagements, students are prepared for a career in professional social work. Our teachers are established social work academics, well-grounded on evidence-based practice and competent in knowledge-building through empirical research.

We form partnerships between teachers and students, and make connections with service providers and recipients. With concerted efforts, we strongly believe that we can change the world by making it a better place to live.

  • Dr. Edward K.L. Chan
  • Associate Professor, Department of Social Work and Social Administration
Reasons for choosing MSW at HKU
  • Leading university to provide social work training in Hong Kong
  • Professional training with an innovative curriculum offering six specialisations
  • Developing global vision through overseas field education, study tours and a diverse student body
  • Competent teaching team with excellent research output, outstanding teaching awards and high level of student rating on teaching quality
  • Numerous opportunities for experiential learning through more than 350 local and international field placement options
  • A global network of graduates who are making contributions in non-profit, government, corporate, and academic arenas
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