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Distinguished Alumni Awards

To celebrate the 70th Anniversary of Social Work Education in HKU and to honour achievements of distinguished alumni, the Department would like to present a total of seven Distinguished Alumni Awards of all generations. Nominations are invited until November 30, 2019. Awards presentation ceremony will be held at the Home Coming Dinner at the Loke Yew Hall on January 17, 2020 (Friday).


  • The nominees must be graduates of undergraduate or taught/research postgraduate programs of the Department. For undergraduate programs, the major must be with the Department.
  • Staff (full-time or fractional) of the Department are not eligible to be nominated for the awards. Freelance teachers and fieldwork supervisors are, however, eligible to be nominees.

  • Award Panel
  • Professor Nelson Chow, Emeritus Professor in Social Work and Social Administration, HKU
  • A representative of the HKU Social Work Alumni Association
  • Head of Department of Social Work and Social Administration, HKU (or his delegate)

  • Number of Awards

    Subject to availability of suitable nominees, the Panel aims to grant one awardee from each of the following 7 cohorts:

  • Graduates from the 1950’s
  • Graduates from the 1960’s
  • Graduates from the 1970’s
  • Graduates from the 1980’s
  • Graduates from the 1990’s
  • Graduates from the 2000’s
  • Graduates from the 2010’s

  • If a nominee has completed multiple programs at the Department, the year of completion of the nominee’s first program will be taken for this purpose.

    If suitable nominees are not available in a certain cohort, the Panel may grant more than one awardee in other cohort(s), so as to have 7 awardees in total.

    Nominating procedures

    A nomination form (the form) catered for the awards, which can be downloaded here, shall be completed and signed by both the nominator and the nominee. The nominator is required to initiate the nomination to obtain the consent of the nominee. The nominator needs to provide justifications in no more than 100 words on the form depicting the outstanding achievements of the nominee. The nominee needs to elaborate on his/her achievements in 500 words on the same form.