SWSA at a Glance

Currently, the Department has a total of 24 professorial teachers, 12 Lecturers and 8 Assistant Lecturers (Practice Consultants). The history of social work education at HKU reflects both the growing importance of the social work profession and public recognition of the contribution social work makes towards building a more prosperous and harmonious Hong Kong society. For more than 60 years, our commitment to improving the quality of life of the Hong Kong people has kept our social work education at the forefront of the changing social welfare landscape. We teach students professional knowledge and skills, so that they can make social change possible.

For the Department, the next decade will be an exciting period to crystalize our aspirations and make further progress in terms of our achievements. The completion of the new Centennial Campus and the switch to a four-year undergraduate curriculum in 2012 marks a new opportunity for the Department to move ahead and reach new heights. The new campus provides us with the required space and improves our teaching and learning facilities and environment.

The history and achievements of social work education at HKU demonstrate the Department's unfailing dual commitment to building academic and professional excellence. We are indebted to our key stakeholders, including staff members, students, alumni, the social welfare sector, the Faculty of Social Sciences and the University administration for their support in maintaining our teaching and research excellence and our service to the community.