MNPM7010 (Elective)

Fund Development and Financial Management for Nonprofit Organisations (6 credits)

A major priority for nonprofit organisations is securing funds in support of noble goals and programmes. This course covers the fundamentals of fund development and diversifying sources of income as part of an organisation?s strategy to build up capacity for sustainable, long-term growth. The use of financial information in organisational planning, implementation, control, reporting, and analysis are essential to the smooth operation of nonprofit organisations. Topics to be covered include techniques for developing successful fundraising strategies and campaigns; examination of donor behaviour and giving methodologies; assessing various potential sources and types of support; prospecting and building relationships; ethics and fund stewardship; and understanding external issues with potential to impact fund development and organisational performance; as well as accounting, budgeting, preparing and analysing financial statements, and using analytical tools in financial-decision making to improve organisational performance.