MNPM7013 (Core)

Capstone in Nonprofit Management (12 credits)

The capstone project enables students to integrate what they have learned from the programme and demonstrate their ability to analyse critical issues, mobilise resources and build creative synergy in strategic nonprofit management. Students will attend a workshop as part of capstone and through active participation with distinguished academics, entrepreneurs and practitioners in the field, will develop expertise in those skills, tools and competencies essential to leading effective and efficient nonprofit organisations. Topics covered in the workshop include managing interpersonal and group conflicts; advocating for social change; information strategy in the digital age; and the art of networking and forming strategic alliances. Students will then work in small groups or on individual basis to complete a professional project. A topic is selected in consultation with relevant teaching staff by the end of the first month of the final academic year of study. The project is then researched, written and submitted for examination by the end of the final academic year.