SOWK6259 (Elective)

Contemporary perspectives on death, dying and bereavement

Death is an inevitable life experience for everyone. Death-related problem is one of the commonest issues that clients brought to counseling, but is also rated as the most uncomfortable scenario by beginning counselors. This course is aimed to orientate those in helping profession the updated knowledge and intervention on death, dying and bereavement. Reviewing major theories related to death, including end-of-life situation, suicide, trauma and bereavement, the students are expected to have a better understanding of the universality of impermanence, and the impact of death towards individuals and societies. Updated intervention strategies on end-of-life care and bereavement care will be introduced. It is hoped to equip those who are working with or going to work with clients facing death, dying and bereavement with both the knowledge and practical competence. Assessment: 100% coursework