SOWK6294 (Elective)

Use of expressive arts therapy in human services

Art is a natural form of communication that offers a way to expressive feelings and thoughts in a manner that is less inhibiting than solely verbal means. Expressive arts therapy has powerful healing potentials, enabling self-discovery, expression of feelings, stimulating insight, and as a means for relaxation and communication. Expressive arts therapy can be utilized as a viable intervention in the field of social work, developing people holistically and connecting the body, mind and spirit. This course will provide an opportunity for the students to experience the use of expressive arts therapy for personal growth and inner exploration. Theory will be introduced through lectures and integrated within experiential exercises and sharing of reflections. The integration of expressive arts therapy within the practice of individual counselling and group work will be shared through case studies, life demonstrations and video analysis. Various arts media will be introduced in this course e.g. visual art, craft work, music, dramatic exercises, and body movement giving the students firsthand experience in understanding how to use different art forms with potential clients. Assessment: 100% coursework