EXAT7002 (Core)

Expressive arts studio

The creative process is a driving force of human innovation and healing. In all cultures at various times in history, the arts have played a crucial role in health. In order for this force to be fully engaged, practitioners must have first-hand experience of the creative process. With a primary focus on experiential learning and studio practice, students will participate in visual art, music, dance/movement, drama, photography and writing activities to explore the theme of “Who am I?”. By gaining comfort with various arts forms, students will be immersed in their own creative process in order to learn how the arts can be a way of knowing the world. This knowledge will serve as a primary force for students to apply creative experiences in the context of expressive arts therapy. Students will gain appreciation for Paolo Knill’s ideas of “low skill, high sensitivity” in order to promote the importance of integrating various art forms by remaining empathic to client needs. Assessment: 100% coursework