MNPM7009 (Elective)

Contemporary Issues in Effective Philanthropy (6 credits)

With international trends of establishing individual, corporate, family and community foundations, nonprofit and philanthropic organisations mushroom, especially in the Asia-Pacific area which share a culture of communal altruism and enjoy a steady economic development. The core values of modern philanthropy are examined along with the effects of ecological, historical, and social processes that influence traditions of giving in contemporary societies. The course delves into current issues and tensions around accountability, legitimacy, and the effectiveness of philanthropic institutions with consideration towards future trends. Effective philanthropy looks for impactful investments with a desire for genuine social change. This course examines the ways in which donors can distribute money through the analysis of different strategies, concepts and frameworks, along with implications for grantees and ultimately those funding recipients. Topics covered include high-impact philanthropy; developing metrics for measuring impact; strategic philanthropy; and the ethics of giving.