SOWK3092 (Elective)

Migration and mobility

Population mobility bridges the local and global across the 21st century world. This course covers topics of specifically relevant to the HK context such as cross-border migration of new arrivals from China, topics relevant to HK and the wider world such as the integration of ethnic minority migrants, and different types of migrant populations, including low-wage/skill, high-wage/professionals, voluntary (labor) and forced (refugee, humanitarian, trafficking) migration. Theories of globalization, modernization, multiculturalism and social inclusion will be examined to enable students to appreciate and apply relevant concepts to their future practice in various positions locally and globally. Pre-requisite: SOWK1001 Introduction to social administration or SOWK1002 Introduction to social work or SOWK1011 Introduction to social entrepreneurship and social innovation or SOWK1013 Introduction to social policy and development studies.