SOWK3091 (Elective)

Mental health sciences and society

This course brings together cutting-edge knowledge and discussions on mental health from diverse but related disciplines of philosophy, psychology, psychiatry, epidemiology, and social and healthcare services administration, both in the unique local context and in the international mental health scene. Students will be introduced to the critical examination of theories and practices in mental health with real-world examples. Throughout the course, conceptual explorations will be illustrated by case studies, including two complex syndromes affecting youth (i.e. psychotic disorders) and elderly (i.e. dementia), as well as other common mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety and developmental disorders (e.g. autism spectrum disorder) where appropriate. Using the conventional disease/medical model as a starting point, students will be guided to understand mental health in the broader context of biological, psychological, social and cultural factors that operate in combination to affect mental health outcomes at individual and population levels.