MSBH6101 (Elective)

Counselling and psychotherapy

This course examines the basic tenets and therapeutic processes of the major counselling and psychotherapy approaches available to modern-day practitioners. It covers basic counselling skills and core issues in counselling practice, such as values, ethics, socio-cultural awareness, therapeutic alliance and use of self. The therapeutic models are clustered according to the four major forces in psychotherapy: psychodynamic, behavioral/cognitive-behavioral, humanistic/experiential and contextual/systemic. Students are expected to be active seekers of knowledge and to participate actively in collective learning. Emphasis is placed on the cultivation of independent, critical, and reflective thought through reading, discussion and experiential learning. It is a pre-requisite of EXAT7101, EXAT7102, EXAT7103, EXAT7104 and SOWK6206. Assessment: 100% coursework