SOWK6237 (Elective)

Use of creative arts in social work practice

The course will introduce the theories of creative arts as healing and illustrate the use of creative arts in local social work contexts, including individual or group counselling setting and community development setting. It is a practical course with hands-on experience to the use of creative arts in expression, communication and healing. Creative arts are action-oriented and process-focused. The development of skills and use of creative arts for self-exploration go simultaneously in this course. Students will have opportunity to experiment with the use of arts for creative exploration and self-understanding. Different arts media will be introduced, including visual art, craft work, music, sounds, dramatic exercises, spontaneous movement and writing. The students will synthesize their personal experience with conceptual learning through experiential activities, live demonstration, listening exercise, case studies, video analysis and sharing. The course is not a formal creative arts therapy training, but offers opportunities for exploring the resources of creative arts in social work context.