SOWK6332 (Elective)

Principles of Drama Therapy

This course provides an introduction to the field of drama therapy, a form of creative arts therapy with the concentration using drama and theatre elements, as well as the theories and principles involved in its practice through lectures and experiential activities. There will be an overview of the history, sources, rationale, philosophy, application, as well as ethical consideration for practitioners. Different approaches of drama therapy as well as psychotherapy such as Humanistic Approach, Existentialism Psychotherapy, Individual and Group Psychotherapy, Developmental Transformations Drama Therapy, Sesame Drama & Movement Therapy, Psychodrama Psychotherapy, Playback Theatre and Forum Theatre will be covered in the course. It provides students a picture for further academic development in this profession and serves as a foundation prerequisite for students who wish to further study and register as a drama therapist under the North American Drama Therapy Association.