SOWK6171 (Practicum -Compulsory)

Practicum and practice-based project report

All students will have to be engaged in a total of 250 hours of clinical work, and to complete a practice-based project report of no more than 10,000 words. A practicum teacher will be assigned to supervise the student's clinical work and to facilitate his/her completion of the practice-based project report. The report should essentially be an evaluation of the clinical work performed by the student. Individual and group supervision will be provided. Students must hand in their reports not later than June 30 of the same year when the practicum is undertaken.

Prerequisite: Students who have completed and passed the following courses
SOWK6158 : Critical issues in human development
SOWK6159 : Abnormal psychology
SOWK6160 : Assessment and testing
SOWK6161 : Theories and practices in counselling and professional ethics
SOWK6170 : Skills training laboratory

Assessment: 100% coursework to take the practicum and practice-based project report course.