SOWK6276 (Elective)

Philosophy, science and art of fostering authentic and intimate connections

This course is for all who want to be emotionally and relationally competent in human interaction, be it in the family, at work, with friends, or with neighbors. The idea is not to have to seek psychological security behind a rigid mask, but capable to be present here and now in our strong and vulnerable, true and caring, confident and gentle selves, and capable also of developing mutually satisfying and meaningful relationships. This course is primarily experiential and practice oriented, integrating the philosophy, science and art of intra and interpersonal competence into real life applications. Recent thinking in philosophy, psychology, group work, and neuroscience will be applied to working with intense emotions, inner blocks and inconsistencies, dilemmas and relational conflicts that haunt human encounters. Through class demonstrations, paired and small group practice, students will come to acquire concepts and skills that will guide them in facing the daily test of human interaction, help them advance their listening skills, increase self-understanding, gain confidence in decision-making, achieve relational transformation, connect with their deeper spiritual self, and affirm a more attuned, grounded, steady, and creative presence.