SOWK6299 (Elective)

Applied motivational interviewing in addiction recovery

This course provides an overview of Motivational Interviewing (MI), an evidence-based counselling strategy for promoting behavioural change. MI originates from treating alcohol dependence, and was further extended to other settings, including health care, the criminal justice system, correctional and education, to mention just a few. Over 30 decades of evolution, MI has spread widely across many settings and cultures. MI was developed from clinical observation, rather than theory. However, there are numbers of social psychology and counselling theories that can be used to explain the underlying mechanism of motivating strategies in the process of motivational interviewing, such as cognitive dissonance theory, self-determination theory, etc. Students are required to learn different social psychology theories and counselling theories to deconstruct MI. In addition, multifaceted unfolding of the concepts of addiction and recovery-oriented approach toward addiction treatment will be covered. Students can be equipped with not only the knowledge and conceptual framework of motivational interviewing, but also practical experiences through group exercises and role-play. Active participation is expected in order to cultivate mutual learning communities and achieve better learning outcomes. Assessment: 100% coursework