Prof. CHAN Lai Wan, Cecilia

Professor Chan is a world leader in health and social work. She is editor and author of over 30 books, author of over 300 articles and book chapters in health and mental health in social work, eastern integrative empowerment intervention and outcome research, health, mental health and integrative social work. She advocated for a strength-oriented empowerment approach in working with traumatized individuals such as cancer patients, women of divorce, persons in end-of-life or bereavement. Her focus is on transformation through pain and suffering. She adopted vigorous bio-psycho-social outcome indicators in her randomized trials on measuring impact of her innovative Integrative Body-Mind-Spirit (IBMS) interventions on different population groups. She leads the first multi-disciplinary team using physiological impact (cortisol, telomerase) as outcome of psychosocial interventions in Hong Kong. Her creative synergy of Chinese philosophies and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practices into holistic behavioral health intervention is ground breaking. Her meaning-making empowerment strategies effectively nurture spirituality of forgiveness, appreciation, gratitude, peace, hope, resilience and optimism, which are fundamental to building a harmonious society. Her leadership in health and social work is also recognized by her many international awards and recognitions. She has graduated over 50 research postgraduate students, many of them has taken up leadership positions in prestigious universities.

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Chairperson, Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation
Member, Equal Opportunity Commission
Member, Women’s Commission
Hong Kong Jockey Club Charity Foundation, “JCECC: Jockey Club End-of-life Community Care”Project. 2015-2018 HK$24M
GRF HKU17614515 PI (2016) Co-I (2016-2018) Comparing the effectiveness of integrative body-mind-spirit group intervention and cognitive-behavioral group on quality of life and psycho-socio-spiritual distress for lung cancer patients and their family caregivers: A randomized controlled trial HK$ 905,940. January 2016 – June 2018.
GRF HKU17611615 Co-I (2016-2018) Starting from the Mind or the Body in Mind-Body Intervention? A Randomized Controlled Trial on Comparative Effectiveness of Mindfulness Meditation and Qigong on Psychophysiological Outcomes in Colorectal Cancer Patients. HK$ 615,800. Jan. 2016- Dec. 2018. Ho, Rainbow Tin Hung, Chung Ka Fai, Ng Siu Man, Chan Jessie Suet Mui, Chan Cecilia Lai Wan
MHRF 11121361 Co-I (2014-2016) A randomized, wait-list controlled trial of a Qigong intervention program on Telomerase Activity and Psychological Stress in Abused Chinese Women. HK$ 995,224. March 2014 – Feb 2016. Tiwari A, Chan CLW, Ho RTH, Tsao GSW, Deng W, Hong AWL, Fong DYT, Yuk HFYK, Ma JLC.
Hong Kong Jockey Club Charity Foundation, ExCEL3: Excellence in Capacity Building and Leadership for the Third Sector, 2011-2016, HK$32M