Mr. LO Kai Chung

Kai-Chung Lo is registered social worker, Assistant Lecturer (practice consultant) in the Department of Social Work and Social Administration, the University of Hong Kong. He has been involved in frontline, supervisory and social work teaching experiences in NGOs and universities for over 15 years. As a practice consultant in HKU at present, he is mainly responsible for supervising BSW & MSW placement students and placement setting coordinator of multicultural social work and community development services. He was a committee member of the District Youth Commission of the Home Affairs Department in Hong Kong and the convener of a service mainstreaming working group of ethnic minority networks in the Hong Kong Council of Social Service. His research interests lie in the area of multicultural social work, social work with fathers, social enterprises and social innovation and social work education, among others. He has published articles and book chapters in Hong Kong, Mainland China and international social work journals.

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Advisor of International Advisory board of the project “The Voices of Ethnic Minority Children on Their Lives and Well-Being in Hong Kong” which is funded by UNICEF (Hong Kong) (since 2019)
Advisor of the Project on "Supporting the Learning and Teaching of Mathematics for Non-Chinese Speaking Students in Primary Schools" (Faculty of Education, The University of Hong Kong) (since 2020)
Member of Network on Ethnic Minorities Services, The Hong Kong Council of Social Service (since 2020)
Manager of Incorporated Management Committee, Pentecostal Gin Mao Sheng Primary School (since 2019)
Member of Social Service Group, The Convocation of the Convocation of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (2018-present)
Member of The International Association for Social Work with Groups (2018-present)
Member of International Association for Community Development (2018-present)
Member of Practice Research Group, The Hong Kong Council of Social Service (2016-present)