Prof. WONG Fu Keung, Daniel

Professor Daniel Fu Keung Wong is a clinical psychologist and a mental health social work academic at The University of Hong Kong. His major research interests revolve around evidence-based practice in mental health, cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT), mental health literacy and promotion, and mental health issues among migrants. Professor Wong has been a pioneer in indigenizing the application of CBT for Chinese people. In the past ten years, Daniel and his team have obtained numerous funding to develop innovative culturally-attuned intervention models to tackle social issues such as depression, anxiety problems, chronic illnesses, gambling problems, drug addictions among the Chinese. His empirical works have appeared in prestigious academic journals such as Depression and Anxiety, Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry, British Journal of Social Work and Research on Social Work Practice. In addition, he has written 15 books and professional manuals, and has popularized CBT for use by mental health professionals and the general public. Daniel has a strong linkage with government and non-government organizations in Hong Kong, and has been identified as a key trainer and speaker on mental health issues and Chinese cognitive-behavioral therapy locally and internationally. Professor Wong and his colleagues have established the Institute of Cognitive Therapy in Hong Kong and Centre for Holistic Health in Melbourne, Australia to provide training for mental health professionals and promote better mental health among Chinese populations.

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Chairman, Institute of Cognitive Therapy, Hong Kong (
Chairman, Centre for Holistic Health, Melbourne, Australia (
Honorary Advisor, The Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation, Hong Kong
2016 : The development of an integrated assessment tool, treatment protocol and training for social workers by using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for young hidden drug abusers and youth with drug-related offence (2016, Principal Investigator, funded by Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups – Beat Drug Fund, Hong Kong, HK$700,000)
2016 : Evaluating the effectiveness of a culturally-attuned cognitive-behaviour therapy for Chinese adolescents with anxiety problems in school settings in Hong Kong: A randomised control design (2016, Principal Investigator, funded by GRF grant (HKU17651016, Hong Kong, HK$813,592)
2016 : One-year training on integrated cognitive-behaviour intervention for social workers working with youth drug abusers (2016, Principal Investigator, Beat Drugs Fund Association, HK$978267.63) - current
2015 : Comparing the effectiveness of integrative body-mind-spirit group intervention and cognitive-behavioral group on quality of life and psycho-socio- spiritual distress for lung cancer patients and their family caregivers: A randomized controlled trial (2015, Co-Investigator, funded by GRF grant, Hong Kong, HK$ 905,940) - current
2015 : Evaluating cognitive behavioural therapy for carers with adult children with intellectual and psychiatric disabilities in Hong Kong (2015, Principal Investigator, commissioned by Mental Health Association of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, HK$135,000, including training) - current
2014 : Evaluating the effectiveness of an integrated cognitive-behavioural model for people with problem gambling in Hong Kong: A randomized waitlist control design (2014, Principal Investigator, funded by GRF grant, Hong Kong, HK418,500) - current
2014 : A study of an emotional coaching program (ECP) for children and adolescent with anxiety features – Using protective factors to enhance positive changes (2014, Principal Investigator, funded by Tung Wah Group of Hospitals, Hong Kong, including training, HK$350,000) – completed
2013 : Survey of carers’ quality of life cum an evaluation study on cognitive-behavioural therapy for carers with relative suffering from mental illness (2013, Principal Investigator, HK$350,000, funded by Baptist Oi Kwan Social Services, Hong Kong including training) - completed
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2017 : Developing and testing the effectiveness of using CALM intervention model to enhance self-efficacy and perseverance for special education needs students in Hong Kong (2017, Principle Investigator, funded by Yan Chai Hospital Social Services, Hong Kong, HK$497,380)