Dr. WONG Hoi Yan, Gloria

My work focuses in the area of mental health service. I work with populations who have severe mental illness (e.g., psychosis), common mental disorder (e.g., later-life depression), and neurocognitive disorder (e.g., Alzheimer’s disease). I have led a research in 2017 on the Government’s Dementia Community Support Scheme, which has become regularised in 2019, providing care through medical-social collaboration. I co-led a pilot stepped care service for later-life depression (JC JoyAge; jcjoyage.hk), which has served over 2,000 people since 2016 and is developing into a territory-wide programme due to its effectiveness and cost-effectiveness. I have co-edited a guidebook, summarising early psychosis intervention development in Asia since 2001. Over 1,000 professionals (social work, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, nursing, speech theray) have been trained to provide quality dementia care through my knowledge exchange activities, in collaboration with international partners including University College London and Alzheimer’s Disease International. I am currently leading two randomized clinical trials (on psychosis and dementia) and a dementia policy research involving major university partners of London School of Economics and Political Science and Peking University. My work has led to over 50 international peer-reviewed publications and over 10 research grants in Principal (or Co-Principal) Investigator capacity (totalling over HK$41 million).

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2018- Director of Training, Cognitive Stimulation Therapy – Hong Kong, International Cognitive Stimulation Therapy Centre, University College London
2018- Honorary Advisor, Hong Kong Rehabilitation Society
2015- Advisory Board Member, Institute of Alzheimer’s Education, Hong Kong Alzheimer’s Disease Association
2015- Chairperson, Operation & Development, Hong Kong Early Psychosis Foundation
2019-2020 - A culturally appropriate multimodal nonpharmacological intervention for Chinese people with mild-to-moderate dementia - Funded by General Research Fund (HK$686,688) - Principal Investigator
2018-2019 - Effectiveness of targeting residual delusional ideations in cognitive behavioural approach to reduce social anxiety in people with early psychosis - Funded by Early Career Scheme (HK$449,480) - Principal Investigator
2017-2018 - Evaluation Study on Dementia Community Support Scheme - Funded by Food and Health Bureau, Hong Kong SAR Government (HK$1,376,366) - Principal Investigator
2016-2019 - JC JoyAge Holistic Support Project for Elderly Mental Wellness - Funded by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust (HK$25.86 million for HKU; project total HK$87.61 million) - Co-Principal Investigator (with Professor Terry YS Lum)