Dr. CHUI Wing Tak, Ernest

Dr Ernest Chui is Associate Professor at the Department of Social Work and Social Administration and former Director of the Sau Po Center on Ageing of The University of Hong Kong. His teaching and research interests cover social work education, social policy, elderly welfare, urban development, housing, and community work. His publications can be found in academic journals like Social Work Education, International Journal of Social Welfare, Asia Pacific Journal of Social Work and Development, Community Development Journal, Housing Theory & Society, Australasian Journal on Ageing, Habitat International. He is the Editor-in-Chief of the Hong Kong Journal of Social Work, editorial board member for Aging International, Asian Journal of Social Policy and Asian Journal of Social Policy, and invited reviewer for Australian Social Work, Journal of Social Work, International Journal of Social Welfare, and International Journal of Sociology of the Family. He is a board member of Society for Community Organization and serves as advisors for Caritas Hong Kong, Hong Kong Society for the Aged, Hong Kong Society of Rehabilitation, HKYWCA, and Evangelical Lutheran Church Social Service Hong Kong. He has completed two major studies commissioned by the Hong Kong Government on residential care and community care for elderly.

(1) Jiang, H.Y., Xu, Y.B., Wang, Y. and Chui, E. (2017) Professional Identity and Turnover Intentions of Social Workers in Beijing, China: The Roles of Job Satisfaction and Agency Type. International Social Work.
(2) Fu, Y.Y. and Chui, E. (2017) Improving primary level home and community care services for older people: The case of Hong Kong. International Journal of Social Welfare.
(3) Wang, Y & Chui, E. (2016). An exploratory path model of social work students’ satisfaction with field education experience in China. Social Work Research. first published online July 4, 2016 doi:10.1093/swr/svw010
(4) Luo, M.X. and Chui, E. (2016) An alternative discourse of productive aging: A self-restrained approach in older Chinese people in Hong Kong. Journal of Aging Studies. 38:27-36.
(5) Chui, E. (2012) Caring for our seniors – private issue or public? The Asian scene. Journal of Asian Public Policy. 5(1):51–70
(1) Vice-chairman, Social Workers Registration Board 2013-16
(2) Hong Kong Caritas Social Work Committee Honorary Consultant since 2007.
(3) Editor-in-Chief, Hong Kong Journal of Social Work 2015-16
(4) Hong Kong Council for Academic Accreditation and Vocational Qualification. subject specialist (social sciences). 2003-2017
(5) Society for Community Organization, Board Member since 1989
(6) Society for the Aged (SAGE) Advisory Committee of "Quality Care in the Community" Project, member since 2013
(7) Evangelical Lutheran Church Social Service Hong Kong. Elderly Service Management Committee. Consultant 2009-2017.
(1) (2014) HKSAR Government Labour and Welfare Bureau ($1,200,000) Consultancy Services for Formulating an Elderly Services Programme Plan
(2) (2014) HKSAR Government Labour and Welfare Bureau ($1,400,000) Consultancy Services for Studying the Feasibility of Introducing a Voucher Scheme on Residential Care Service for the Elderly
(3) (2015) Caritas Hong Kong Social Service. ($195,000) Consultancy Study on Baseline Research on Sustainable Community Development (SCD) Programmes in Caritas Community Centres.
(4) (2014-15) Hong Kong Housing Society. Comprehensive Study on Housing in An Ageing Community. (Co-I)
(5) (2013) Research Grant Council, General Research Grant. Community Capacities, Social Capital, Values and Impact Assessment: Community-Based Planning as a Missing Component in the Urban Planning System in Hong Kong? (Co-PI)