Dr. LOU Wei Qun, Vivian

Dr. Vivian Lou has studied widely on family caregiving and its health impacts. Examining Chinese family caregivers’ mental health impacts in both Shanghai and Hong Kong was a pioneer study that generated high impact publications. Recently, Dr. Lou’s study extended to examining positive and/or resilient capacity of the family caregiving in Chinese context including studying secondary caregivers, social support, and roles of domestic helper.

Lou, V. W. Q., Lau, B. H.-P., & Cheung, K. S.-L. (2014). Positive aspects of caregiving (PAC): Scale validation among Chinese dementia caregivers (CG). Archives of gerontology and geriatrics, 60(2), 299-306.
Lou, V. W. Q., Lu, N., Xu, L., & Chi, I. (2013). Grandparent–Grandchild Family Capital and Self-Rated Health of Older Rural Chinese Adults: The Role of the Grandparent–Parent Relationship. The Journals of Gerontology Series B: Psychological Sciences and Social Sciences, 68(4), 599-608.
Lou, V. W. Q., & Gui, S. X. (2012). Family caregiving and impact on caregiver mental health: A study in Shanghai. In S. Y. Chen & J. L. Powell (Eds.), Aging in China: Implications to social policy of a changing economic state (pp. 187-208). New York: Springer.
Lou, V. W. Q., Kwan, C. W., Leung, A. Y. M., & Chi, I. (2011). Psychological distress among Chinese adult-child caregivers: the effects of behavioral and cognitive components of care. Home Health Care Service Quarterly, 30(3), 1-14.
Member, Elderly Commission, HKSAR
Fellow, Gerontology Society of America (GSA)
Board Member, Hong Kong Association of Gerontology (HKAG)
Board Member, Hong Kong Yong Women’s Christin Association (HKYWCA)
Associate Fellow, The Hong Kong Professional Counseling Association
Member, Society for Social Work and Research
International Member, American Psychological Association (APA)
PI: We-Rise Project: A two-tier care management program to empower stroke caregivers in Hong Kong. Funding Source Amount: Lee Hysan Foundation – Gereral Award HK$4,880,189. 1 July 2016- 30 June 2019 [Ongoing]
PI: Financial impacts of family caregiving: an investigation of the moderating effects of workplace accommodative measures and domestic helpers. Funding Source Amount:Public Policy Research Funding Scheme HK$486,637. 1 Jul 2016 –31 Jun 2017 Ongoing
PI: Family caregiving for frail older adults: a comparative perspective on social and legal supports. Funding Source Amount: Harvey A. Friedman Center for Aging’s Global Aging Initiative US$7,500. 2013 - 2014 [Completed]
PI: Person-centered care for demented older adults: a qualitative analysis. Funding Source Amount: HHSRF HK$60,000. 2011-2012 [Completed]
Co-I :Life Mentor Scheme for Generation Me – a cross-university collaboration for studence excellence in an ageing society. Funding Source & Amount:UGC Teaching Award HK$40,000 2014-2016 [Completed]
Co-I :The Hong Kong Jockey Club Age-Friendly City Project – Baseline assessments and training and professional support (Pilot phase for 2 districts). Funding Source & Amount: The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust – General Award $HK$4,500,000. 2015-2017 [Ongoing]
Co-I :Model predicting health outcomes of family caregivers of Chinese dementia sufferers: a sequential explanatory mixed method study. Funding Source & Amount:GRF-RGC HK$563,254. 2014-2015 [Ongoing]
Co-I :Long-term care system in urban China in the next decade. Funding Source & Amount:China National Social Science Foundation RMB800,000. 2013 - 2018 [Ongoing]
Co-I :Enhancing social security system in China. Funding Source & Amount:Education Bureau of China RMB800,000 2013 - 2016 [Ongoing]

Courses Code Courses Title
SOWK6258 Care management
SOWK6282 Social work intervention with the elderly