Dr. WONG Hoi Yan, Gloria

My work focuses on mental health services. I collaborate closely with NGOs and clinics to understand and improve care for people with dementia, psychosis, and other mental health conditions. A key theme in my work is early detection and intervention (e.g., by promoting early symptom identification to inform help-seeking and evidence-based practice of cognitive stimulation). I am leading a project to test a community shared-care model of dementia with medico-social collaboration, and embarking on a project to pilot a collaborative stepped-care model for preventing late-life depression. I adopt the implementation science perspective to ensure that the tested services are feasible, scalable, and sustainable in the local context. My research work has led to over 50 international peer-reviewed publications and over 30 internal and external grants (as Principal investigator and co-investigator). A book I co-edited in 2013, Early Psychosis Intervention: A Culturally Adaptive Clinical Guide, summarizes early psychosis intervention development in Asia in the past decade. Currently I serve as the HKU Project Coordinator for a Certified Dementia Care Planner (CDCP) programme jointly organized with the Hong Kong Alzheimer’s Disease Association (HKADA) and the Alzheimer’s Disease International (ADI). The programme has trained over 200 social care and healthcare professionals since 2014.

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Advisor, Forget Me Not Home-based Training Programme for MCI and Early Dementia Elders, HKSKHLady MacLehose Centre (2016-present)
Advisory Board, Institute of Alzheimer’s Education, Hong Kong Alzheimer’s Disease Association (HKADA)
Advisor, Dementia Assessment Service and Dementia Care Planning Service, Hong Kong Family Welfare Society (2014-present)
Foundation Member and Chairperson of Development & Operation Subcommittee, Hong Kong Early Psychosis Foundation (2007-present)
2016-2019 Holistic Support Programme on Mental Health for Older People. Funded by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust (HK$87.61 million). Co-Principal Investigator (with Professor Terry YS Lum)
2016-2017 Research Study on Dementia Care Mapping and Person-Centred Care in Residential Care Homes for the Elderly. Funded by the Hong Kong Society for the Aged (SAGE) (HK$240,965). Principal Investigator.
2015-2018 Project GrandMove: A healthy ageing x productive ageing project. Funded by Simon KY Lee Foundation (HK$5,292,622). Co-Principal Investigator (with Professor Terry YS Lum)
2015-2018 Research on Project Sunrise: A district-based community shared-care model for dementia in the age-friendly community in Tsuen Wan. Funded by Hong Kong Alzheimer’s Disease Association (HK$200,000). Principal Investigator.