Dr. YUEN Wing Yan, Winnie

Dr. Winnie Yuen is a post-doctoral fellow at the Department of Social Work and Social Administration. She completed a Master’s degree in clinical psychology at the National University of Singapore and worked as a psychologist in hospital and private setting. During her PhD study, she conducted research projects on resilience intervention to improve the mental well-being of new arrivals and sex workers in Hong Kong. She also actively involves in public health and women’s health education. Her research interested lies in mental health of marginalised groups, mental health stigma and the application of strength-based intervention to promote mental well-being.

  • Room no. C712
  • E: winnie.yuen@connect.hku.hk
  • T: (852) 39172980
  • Position: Post-Doctoral Fellow

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Co-I - A Randomised Controlled Trial to Promote Resilience for HIV Prevention amongst Female Sex Workers in Hong Kong (AIDS Trust Fund)
Co-I - Novel Approach to HIV Prevention: A RCT of Personal Effective Programme for Female Sex Workers (GRF)