Dr. TANG Pui Shan, Jessica

Dr. Jessica Tang, is a Registered Social Worker (RSW) and has 18 years of experience in family and mental health services in Hong Kong. Jessica received her MSW and PhD from The University of Hong Kong. She is also an Advanced Level WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) Facilitator who received the training and certification from the Copeland Center, USA. In 2018, she completed the One-Year Mindfulness Teacher Training Program grounded in the teaching of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh at Plum Village Mindfulness Academy. She is specialized in mental health recovery, strength-based counselling, narrative therapy and systemic family intervention. Her research interests include: mental health recovery, service user involvement, collaborative and participatory research. Jessica has wide experiences in service management, clinical supervision innovative service development to support people and their families in recovery from mental health challenges. During the past years, she has committed herself to conduct a wide range of training in counselling, mental health recovery and family intervention. Apart from teaching, Jessica also serves to devote her clinical expertise in the project team of JC JoyAge: Jockey Club Holistic Support Project for Elderly Mental Wellness.

  • Room no. CJT-548
  • E: psjtang@hku.hk
  • T: (852) 39172072
  • Position: Lecturer

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Member of Academic Team, The Institute for User Participation since 2017