Dr. WONG Wai Ching, Paul

Paul is a clinical psychologist and an Associate Professor in the Department of Social Work and Social Administration, The University of Hong Kong. He has been involving in suicide prevention research and mental health promotion and practice since 2003. His recent research projects include youth social withdrawal behavior, using animals as part of educational and psychological interventions, youth positive development of local and non-Chinese young people, and family care giving for people with psychological issues. His main research theme aims to promote social inclusion in our society and has published about 90 academic articles and book chapters. He is also Fellows of the Hong Kong Psychological Society and the Hong Kong Professional Counselling Association. He is the Programme Directors of the Master of Social Science (Counselling) and Bachelor of Social Sciences (Counselling). He teaches courses on mental health related topics, communication and counselling skills, and research methods. He is keen to supervise PhD students who have interests in youth development, human-animal interactions, and hikikomori.
黃蔚澄博士 臨床心理學家,香港大學社會工作及社會行政學系副教授,香港大學社會科學院學士﹝輔導和社會工作及社會行政學)課程總監及香港大學社會科學院碩士﹝輔導)課程副總監。香港心理學會執行委員及院士、香港專業輔導協會院士、國際防止自殺協會國家代表 (2010-2015)、香港大學防止自殺研究中心、香港大學秀圃老年研究中心、 和警察學院榮譽研究院士。他主要的研究範疇包括防止自殺,精神健康,青年研究範疇包括青少年「隱蔽」行為、提倡正向青年發展、社會共融 (social inclusion)及人類與動物互動行為(human-animal interactions)。他共有八十多篇學術文章,亦是《留給最愛的說話-自殺者家屬未忘書》的作者之一。

Chan, M., Li, T. M., Law, Y. W., Wong, P. W., Chau, M., Cheng, C., ... & Yip, P. S. (2017). Engagement of vulnerable youths using internet platforms. PLoS one, 12(12), e0189023.
Wong, P. W., Lin, L. L., Li, T. M., Kato, T. A., & Teo, A. R. Does hikikomori (severe social withdrawal) exist among young people in urban areas of China?. Asian Journal of Psychiatry. (On-line first)
Wong, P. W., Wong, G.K.H., Li, T. M. (2017). Suicide communications on Facebook as a source of information in suicide research: A case study. Suicidology (on-line first).
Li, T. M., Liu, L., & Wong, P. W. (2017). Withdrawal experience and possible way-outs from withdrawal behavior in young people. Qualitative Social Work, (on-line first).
Wong, P. W., Rose, W. M., Li, T. M., Lai, S. L., Ng, H. Y., & Fan, W. T. (2017). Efficacy of a Multicomponent Intervention with Animal-Assisted Therapy for Socially Withdrawn Youth in Hong Kong. Society and Animals (on-line first).
Syndicate Head of the Hong Kong Police – HKU Joint Symposium 2016 (2016)
Assessor of the Chief Executive’s Award for Teaching Excellence (2016/2017)
National Representative of the International Association for Suicide Prevention (2011-2015)
Honorary Research Fellow, Hong Kong Police College (since 2015)
Member of the psychosocial study of ageing of the Strategic Research Theme (SRT), The University of Hong Kong (since 2013).
Scientific Coordinator (2013). Hong Kong Psychological Society Annual Conference (2013).
Honorary Fellow of the Centre on Ageing, the University of Hong Kong (since 2013).
Assessment Panelist of the Chief Executive’s Award for Teaching Excellence (2012/2013) on the Guidance and Discipline, The Education Bureau, The HK SAR Government.
Committee Member of the 2012 Hong Kong Psychological Society Annual Conference (2012).
Committee Member of the 2012 2nd Counselling Conference of the HKU Master of Social Science (Counselling) Programme.
Conference Chair of the 2011 Hong Kong Psychological Society Annual Conference (2011).
Honorary Research Fellow of the HKJC Centre for Suicide Research and Prevention, the University of Hong Kong (since 2010)
Expert witness for Hong Kong Police, Coroner’s Court, and Department of Justice on suicide and attempted suicide cases (since 2005)
Member of the Multidisciplinary Community-based suicide and deliberate self-harm prevention of the Eastern District of Hong Kong (since 2009)
Consultant of the Joyful Mental Health Foundation, Hong Kong (since 2013).
Psychological Consultant of the Samaritans Multilingual, Hong Kong (since 2013).
Advisory member of Emotion Support Service Sub-committee of Suicide Prevention Services (since 2012).
Council Member of the Hong Kong Psychological Society (since 2010).
Honorary consultant of Chinese elderly suicide prevention at Long Island, New York, the United States. A programme developed under the NYS Office of Mental Health Grant (since 2008).
Co-opt member of Suicide Prevention Service, Hong Kong (since 2006).
Project Bridge: 5-Step Method for Promoting the Wellbeing of the Family Members of Substance Abusers and for Motivating Hidden Substance Abusers to Seek Treatment / Co-I / Beat Drugs Fund Association / HK$1.73 million / Ongoing
Social Inclusion: Ethnicity – Positive Youth Development for Ethnic Minority Youth in Hong Kong / PI / HK Jockey Club Charities Trust / HK$3.4 million / Ongoing
Evaluation Study of “Youth Outreach Jockey Club: Youth Cultural Front Line” / PI / Youth Outreach / HK$496,981 / Ongoing
JC-Connect: Family Support for People with Autism Spectrum Disorders / PI / HK Jockey Club Charities Trust / HK$3.2 million / Ongoing
Social emotional learning and human education for primary students using reading to the dog programme / PI / Keswick Foundation / HK$4.5 million / Ongoing