Prof. TSE Shu Ki, Samson

Professor Tse has taught in New Zealand and Hong Kong for over 25 years; the pedagogy adopts in his teaching includes the adult learning model, promotion of critical thinking skills, and role modeling. Samson presents to groups around the globe about issues about: Living beyond mental disability and improving service users’ experience. Samson has served in governmental, and non-governmental organization advisory committees in New Zealand, Singapore and Hong Kong. He is passionate about putting recovery approach into practice cross-culturally. Jointly with his community partners and colleagues, he has contributed to the development and implementation of strengths model of case management and peer support services in Hong Kong and the region.

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Regional Assistant Editor of International Gambling Studies (Routledge), Vice Chairperson of the Hong Kong Professional Counselling Association
Global Health Advisory Group, School of Population Health, The University of Auckland, New Zealand
Social Work Services Division, Caritas Hong Kong
International Advisory Group for the National Gambling Counsel of Singapore
Randomized controlled trial of Strengths Model Case Management with Chinese mental health service users in Hong Kong (2017, General Research Fund, Hong Kong)
A recovery-focused study for individuals experiencing bipolar disorder: Comparison with a matched group recovering from schizophrenia (2012, General Research Fund, Hong Kong)
Gambling among older Singaporeans (2012, funded by Ministry of Social and Family Development, Singapore)
"iPEP (Internet-based psychosis education program)": Web-based self-help psychoeducation program for caregivers of patients with psychosis (2013, Health Care and Promotion Fund - Research Grant Projects, Hong Kong)
Combining professional and expert-by-experience knowledge in the search for personal recovery from bipolar disorder: A collaborative and interpretive inquiry (2016, General Research Fund, Hong Kong)
Project Bridge - 5 Step Method for promoting wellbeing of the family members of substance abusers and motivating hidden substance abusers to seek treatment (2016, Beat Drugs Fund Association, Hong Kong)