Dr. LU Shuang

Shuang Lu is an Assistant Professor at The University of Hong Kong Department of Social Work and Social Administration. Dr. Lu’s research focuses on family migration and child development, community-based intervention among at-risk youth, and nonprofit capacity building. Her current projects include using intervention research to improve at-risk youth’s psychosocial and behavioral outcomes, and, examining the relation between nonprofit performance and transparency. Combining micro and macro social work perspectives, her research goal is to improve social service effectiveness for vulnerable children and youth in cross-cultural settings. Dr. Lu was a Licensed Social Worker in the state of New Jersey and is currently a Registered Social Worker in Hong Kong.

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2019–2021. Effectiveness of school-based mindfulness intervention with migrant children in China: Building resilience in an under-served population. Hong Kong Research Grants Council, Early Career Scheme (Principal Investigator, HKD$622,988)
2019–2020 Assessing Chinese child and youth mental health: Validation and localization of the interRAI Child and Youth Mental Health Screener (ChYMH-S) University of Hong Kong Seed Fund for Basic Research (Principal Investigator, HKD$53,260)
2019–2021. Achieving equal well-being amidst urbanization: Social inclusion of migrant children and families in China. University of Hong Kong Interdisciplinary Seed Fund, Faculty of Social Sciences (Principal Investigator, HKD$100,000)
2018–2020, A psychosocial and behavioral intervention design for children from Chinese migrant families. University of Hong Kong Seed Fund for Basic Research (Principal Investigator, HKD$300,000)
2018–2019, Doing Good Index 2020: Hong Kong. Center for Asian Philanthropy and Society (Co-Investigator. PI: Jordan, L. HKD$103,000)
2018–2019, Community-based socioemotional intervention in Chinese youth. Rutgers University Huamin Research Center (Principal Investigator, USD$20,000)
2016–2017, Mindfulness-based intervention with Chinese migrant children: A pilot study. China Huamin Charity Foundation (Principal Investigator, USD$20,000)