Dr. YAO Yanran

Dr. Yao obtained her PhD from the Department of Politics and Public Administration at the University of Hong Kong. She is a researcher and lecturer with an interdisciplinary background in social work, public management, and international development. Her current research interests focus on the politics of social policy development, nonprofit management, and civic engagement. Prior to joining the Department of Social Work and Social Administration, she was a program officer at an international organization working in the field of capacity building of grassroots NGOs in China. Combining political and managerial perspectives, her research goal is to measure and improve the performance and accountability of nonprofit organizations in an increasingly complex global environment.

Wang, Qun, and Yanran Yao. "Resource Dependence and Government-NGO Relationship in China." The China Nonprofit Review 8, no. 1 (2016): 27-51.
Wang, Qun and Yanran Yao. "The Development of Foundations in a Decade in China." Reports on Social Institutional Reforms in China, No.4 (2016).
Yanran Yao. "The Public Policy Implications of Open Innovation in the Great Bay Area in China", 2019 (work in progress).
Co-PI: Research on Open Innovation in Guangzhou: The Current Situation and Policy Suggestions, commissioned by Guangzhou Municipal Science and Technology Bureau.