Bachelor of Social Sciences

Programme Overview

The programmne will be of interest to students who wish to learn about the needs and problems of people and the provision of social services for the betterment of the society. It will also be of interest to students who wish to pursue a career in social service provision, management and administration in government or non-governmental organizations. The programme provides an array of courses dealing with contemporary social problems, social policy and social services.

Programme Objectives

By completing this programme, students will be equipped with:

Programme Structure

For students admitted in academic year 2015-16 and thereafter

No. of credits
Components Major Minor
a) Introductory courses
  • disciplinary
  • pre-requisites*

  • 6
  • 12

  • 6
  • -
b) Advanced courses
  • compulsory courses
  • disciplinary electives
  • capstone experience
  • Social Innovation and Global Citizenship#

  • 12
  • 36
  • 6
  • 24

  • 6
  • 24
  • -
  • -

*Candidates who opt to declare two major programmes offered by the Faculty of Social Sciences should avoid selecting overlapping pre-requisites.

#Candidates who opt to declare double majors in Geography, Politics and Public Administration, Psychology, Sociology and Social Work and Social Administration are allowed to undertake 24 credits of free electives, to fulfil the Faculty off-campus learning courses for the second major.

BSocSc Regulations and Syllabuses can be found at Faculty of Social Sciences homepage.


Course Roadmap (for 2015-16 intake and thereafter)

This course road map is a recommended plan of study for SWSA major/minor programme. It is a guide to help students make intelligent decisions regarding their course selection, skills development as well as career path.


Career Prospects

A large selection of elective courses is provided for students to pursue their interested specialization in ‘Policy and Advocacy’, ‘Community Development’ and ‘Management and Entrepreneurship & Social Innovation’. The flexibility allows students to design their own curriculum to suit their individual academic and career aspiration.

Graduates are best equipped for positions of Executive and Administrative Officers in the government which finances and administrates the largest bulk of social services. Some are seeking post-graduate degrees and others are pursuing careers in fields such as social work, business and government service. The SWSA programme prepares students for different careers by emphasizing analytical and communication skills that are valued by employers in diverse fields.


Student Voice

Social Work and Social Administration is definitely an intellectually stimulating programme that helps me understand more about the controversies underlying different social issues. Most importantly, it equips me with the knowledge and research skills which are vital for one to construct his/her views. Throughout our study, I was encouraged to understand social reality through first-hand experience like volunteering and communicating with NGOs. These invaluable experiences keep reminding me that it is the well being of every dignified human that matters.

Jenny MAK

(BSocSc Year IV)

The SWSA major offers students the opportunity to develop the sensitivity towards the society in a more humane way. Furthermore, topics in both micro and macro perspectives are being introduced within the curriculum. The courses helped me to develop holistic and multi-angle approaches to thinking and judging. After this training, I am able to approach various social issues in more critical and analytical ways.

WONG Ka Long Kelvin

(BSocSc Year IV)

I appreciate the way this programme enabled me to “connect the dots” and paved the way for my journey ahead. Academically, the teacher was welcoming and supportive for me to bring in perspective from my other disciplinary background into the course, making integrative linkages between my other sociolinguistic major and social policy analyses. The empowerment in learning allowed me to discover an intriguing and unique connection which might otherwise be hidden. Personally, the course Aging and Society was most influential to my career choice by far. By educating me to look beyond “disease” in old age to see the “dis-ease”, it has drawn my attention to more humanistic healthcare to the suffering. In fact, it was this very course that encouraged me to have picked a first graduate job related to medical humanities education.

WONG Ki Sum Samson

(BA Graduate 2014)


BSocSc SWSA Programme Coordinator
Name: Dr. Shuang Lu
Tel: (852) 3917 2080
Programme Secretary
Name: Ms. Ariel POON
Tel: (852) 3917 2099