Bachelor of Social Work

The Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) Programme is one of the most established first degree social work training programmes in Hong Kong. It is designed to develop students into professional social service leaders who are committed to serve and empower the underprivileged in society, as well as to cater to the ever-changing social needs in Hong Kong and Greater China. On successful completion of the programme, students are eligible to apply for registration as Registered Social Worker with the Hong Kong Social Workers Registration Board.

Practice Laboratory aims to equip students with the basic knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary through action-learning approach. In-house trainings followed by field projects in a variety of social service settings facilitate students to develop social work skills competence and mastery.

Employing an experiential learning approach for nurturing the competences in casework, group work and community development comprehensively, the Practice Laboratory has creditably facilitated my integration of knowledge, skills and values in professional social work practice. This action-oriented course, along with intensive training, supervisions, and collective reflections on projects in a spectrum of fieldwork settings among lecturers and students, has appreciably equipped myself with theoretically driven competence for the forthcoming placements.

LEUNG Chin Ching Mason | 2018 Graduate

Since small-class teaching approach was adopted in Practice Lab, I highly involved in the in-class discussion and gained a lot of insightful ideas from it. Besides, my social work knowledge, skills and values were greatly enhanced by means of active participation in planning and implementing the casework, the group work and the community development projects. Practice Lab was definitely a fruitful learning experience to prepare myself for the upcoming placement!

YU Lee Man Adela | 2018 Graduate

The practice laboratory is a fruitful learning journey. With the guidance and support of seasoned teachers, and the collaboration with peers, students will be able to acquire and experiment social work knowledge at different practice levels, and gain a better understanding of self. Students also have the opportunity to serve different agencies to understand and work with various clientele. All in all, the laboratory enables us to flourish, to integrate theory into practice, and to be prepared for practice in the field.

LAU Yuk Kwan | 2019 Graduate

The Department encourages students to participate in exchange programmes and overseas placements, so that they can be cultivated as global citizens with international exposure. Students can explore social work and social welfare from a global perspective.

Finland Study Tour

We provide financial support to students to participate in the Finland summer school which brings together students and instructors from different countries. Participants have opportunities to learn about the social welfare system and services in Finland. The programme includes lectures, small group discussions, agency visits, cultural events, and field trips. Special events such as the “international night” enable participants to share selected aspects of their culture in a relaxing informal atmosphere.

This Finland Study Tour provides us an opportunity to interact with social work students around the world. With the exchange of ideas and experience, we all had a better understanding of the role of social workers and the provision of social services in a global context, as well as the challenges we are all facing. I also enjoyed the traditional food of Finland very much. The trip is really a fruitful one where I developed new insights!

LAM Chi Pan | Year IV student

Overseas Placement

From 1998 onwards, our Department has been receiving special grants from the University and scholarships, which has enabled more than 10 students each year to undertake overseas placements. Over the years, a total of 270 social work students completed their field placement outside Hong Kong such as: Australia (Melbourne and Sydney), Canada (Vancouver and Toronto), China (Beijing, Sichuan, Guangzhou and Shanghai), Germany, India, Japan, Myanmar, New Zealand (Auckland), Singapore, Taiwan, U.K. (London and Manchester), U.S.A. (Chicago and San Francisco).

In 2017 Summer, I had the chance to have my overseas social work placement at the Chinese Family Services of Ontario in Toronto. This was a great opportunity for me to explore the profession of social work in a different setting, my cultural sensitivity and independency has also been sharpened through this experience. I have understood more about the social system in Toronto and their comprehensive services especially for youth and elderly. This allows me to have critical reflection in social work aspect and further widen my social work perspective. This experience is not only eye-opening, but also memorable for life.

LI Wing Yan Flora | 2018 Graduate

The 10 weeks' social work placement in Taiwan had been a very fruitful one, helped not only in my social work professional development but also in my personal growth. The various kind of services being provided in the Taipei City Hospital has given me a chance to broaden my horizons in the medical settings, as the services are all-rounded both including in-patient and out-patient services. I was so glad to have the chance to come across most of the services, especially for the home care schemes that the Taipei City Hospital have been actively developing on.

LI Wang Hin | 2018 Graduate

During the summer in 2016, I was very blessed to be placed at the Chinese Community Social Services Centre in Melbourne. I worked mainly with the older people while applying the reminiscence approach in facilitating a teleconference group and case work. I was so thankful, for these eye-opening experiences including the challenges adapting into the overseas culture and lifestyle had reconstructed me with a stronger self.

FUNG Hiu Ying Melody | 2018 Graduate

Other Exchange Opportunities

The University and the Faculty of Social Sciences has also established a wide range of undergraduate exchange programmes with universities all around the world to broaden students' cultural exposure.

We will never regret joining the exchange programme to University of Calgary in Canada. Not only did it offer a chance for us to travel and explore a foreign culture, but it also enabled us to learn different social work practices within the Canadian context and to gain insights from their social welfare policies. The exchange programme paved the way for overseas working opportunities as well as broadened our perspectives towards policy making. Most importantly, this experience has helped us to become a global citizen and a professional social worker.

LAI Hay Man, LAI Hoi Ching, LI Yin Ning, Wong Chi Yee | 2016 Graduate

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