Bachelor of Social Work

The 4-year curriculum of the BSW-FT Programme comprises a total of 240 credits. There are five clusters of courses: language courses, social sciences courses, common core courses, social work core courses and elective courses.

Core professional courses take up 144 credits. Nearly all of these credits are assigned to designated courses. 12 credits are assigned to disciplinary elective courses offered by Department of SWSA. Students have to take 18 credits for language courses as well as 36 credits for common core courses respectively. These courses are coordinated and offered by other departments at the University. Students can take other electives in social work or in other disciplines to fulfil the remaining credits. The structure of the 4-year curriculum is shown follow:

Components No. of credits
6 Common Core Courses 36
2 English Language Courses 12
b) 1 Chinese Language Course 6
Core Professional Courses2 144
Free Courses3 42

1Candidates who have achieved Level 5** in English Language in the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination, or equivalent, will be automatically exempted from this requirement and should take an elective course in lieu.

2Including 12 credits of disciplinary elective courses offered by the Department

3Students may opt for a minor, which is defined as completing not fewer than 36 credits of courses in a particular programme including all pre-requisites unless specified. Students may opt for a minor offered by the Faculty of Social Sciences or other Faculties.

Elective Courses
SOWK2023 Social Policy Issues in Hong Kong
SOWK2037 Human sexuality
SOWK2048 The Satir model and family reconstruction
SOWK2065 Understanding and Working with Young People
SOWK2069 Counselling in health care settings
SOWK2084 Theoretical foundations in social policy and planning
SOWK2092 Adventure-based counselling: theory and practice
SOWK2098 Working with people with disabilities
SOWK2102 Social work in school setting
SOWK2103 Counselling in different contexts
SOWK2111 Addictive behaviour
SOWK2117 Theories and practices in counselling
SOWK2119 Mediation & negotiation
SOWK2120 Counseling in health care settings
SOWK2122 Community building and the civil society
SOWK2131 Behavioral economics for social change
SOWK2134 Social development in modern China
SOWK2213 Social work practice with selected target groups or in specific settings (CBT)
SOWK3033 Working with youth at risk and juvenile offenders
SOWK3058 Managing people in human services
SOWK3060 Career skills training
SOWK3086 Social service research II: analysis and utilization
SOWK3087 Counselling for emotional and relational competence
SOWK3088 Becoming a change maker: Skills and practice for effective social entrepreneurship and innovation
SOWK3091 Mental health sciences and society
SOWK3093 Play therapy
SOWK3096 Solution-focused therapy
SOWK3106 Use of creative arts in social work practice
SOWK3115 Frontiers in interventions around death, dying and bereavement
SOWK3131 Encounter with embodiment: Therapeutic use of drama in social work settings
SOWK3132 Advancing social development
SOWK3133 Policy advocacy practice
SOWK3307 Working with families