Bachelor of Social Work

Social workers are change makers in the society. The BSW program in HKU has not only equipped me with appropriate values, skills and knowledge, but also the practical placement experiences working in different social work fields. Most importantly, I have learnt how to empower individuals, families and communities to identify and develop strengths and resources to address personal problems and foster changes in the society. It has been a very rewarding learning experience!

LAM Tsz Wing Jovel | 2017 Graduate

During the 4-year time in BSW programme, I have acquired knowledge and skills to equip myself to be a competent and professional social worker. I am also inspired to broaden my horizons, to view the society and the world through both macro and micro perspectives. Most importantly, I am encouraged to reflect; to reflect on my good and bad, thoughts and behaviours, and the meaning of my life. All these have made me a better person.

CHEUNG Wing Kai Tony | 2017 Graduate

The BSW curriculum was very structured as it enabled me to comprehend essential theory, policy and research knowledge. Practice laboratory and placement successfully blended a wealth of academic learning and practical components with guidance. Students were always well supported when facing challenges in the workplace. HKU BSW is like a family to me, I have a trusting relationship with teaching and department staff, and I make lifelong friends here. Not only is it a place for knowledge acquisition and career development, but also for personal growth and reflection.

TSUI Long Ying Shirley | 2017 Graduate

I was most impressed by the Problem-based Learning in which skills of searching for community resources were enhanced. I have learnt how to oversee the situation in a systematic and thorough way. The interactive learning among tutors and groupmates inspired me with new ideas. The BSW programme provided me with exposure to social work experts who in turn enhanced my understanding of society and clients’ needs.

Tang Kwong Yue Alan | 2004 Graduate
Project director of "Men in Jazz" & Center-in-charge of Yu Chui Neigbourhood Elderly Center, Evangelical Lutheran Church Hong Kong

I have learnt Four S from the BSW program, which are very useful and rewarding for my further study and career development.
Solving problems: Through different trainings in curriculum, placement and exchange opportunities, I could have the capability and flexibility to search for the solutions to different challenges and problems.
Stimulating my interest: My horizons have been widened. I have stronger desire to learn continuously.
Searching for the meaning of life: I understand myself more and have the chance to reflect myself.
Striking for the excellence: One of the attitudes that I have nurtured is to try my best to strike for the excellence.

LING Wai Hang Henry | 2007 Graduate
Recipient of Outstanding Social Workers Award in 2009

The programme gave me a lot of opportunities to meet leaders from different appealing fields such as disabilities, express arts and various psychotherapies. During the three-year time, I also learnt more about self - recognising my strengths and became much confident to present myself. HKU BSW not only equipped me be a registered social worker, but also to be a passionate caring professional with progressive and critical thinking.

KWONG Ka Yan Carol | 2011 Graduate
Project Director of "Men in Jazz" & Center-in-charge of Yu Chui Neigbourhood Elderly Center, Evangelical Lutheran Church Hong Kong