Master of Social Sciences
(Behavioral Health)

We believe our body, mind and spirit are interconnected. Throughout the programme, students will sample a variety of holistic approaches to well-being, such as the body-mind-spirit approach, mind-body medicine (e.g. mindfulness and meditation practices, etc.), and various arts-based approaches such as dance and movement, etc.

We believe in learning by doing. Experiential learning encompasses a wide variety of enriching opportunities for students including experiential workshops, volunteering, research and practicum projects.

We care about both knowledge enhancement and personal growth of the students. Our teaching team is committed to provide a mutually-supportive and conductive learning environment for our students as a platform to support their academic advancement and personal growth.

We believe theory and practice go hand-in-hand. Therefore we emphasize the integration of time-tested clinical techniques and up-to-date evidence-based research findings.