Master of Social Sciences (Counselling)

The curriculum shall extend over (a) not less than two academic years for the part time two-year study, or (b) not less than three academic years for the part-time three-year study, inclusive of intervening vacation.

Candidates are required to complete 66 credits, including 5 compulsory courses (6 credits each), and      3 elective courses (6 credits each) or 1 elective course (6 credits) with a dissertation (12 credits), a skills training laboratory (6 credits each) and a practicum (12 credits) that includes a practice-based project report.  Elective courses are so designed that they can provide a focused study in one of three service settings: welfare, education, and health care. By selecting a particular combination of courses, candidates may (1) specialize in one stream from these three service settings; or (2) choose a more broad-based curriculum; or (3) choose to complete 1 elective course with a dissertation (equivalent to two courses) if candidates are interested in advancing their research skills.

Candidates can take a maximum of one elective course from the Master of Buddhist Counselling programme. Teachers from the Master of Buddhist Counselling programme may also serve as the co-supervisor in the Capstone Experience Courses if the area of study is relevant. The selection of cross-listed courses and co-supervision of Capstone Experience Courses shall be subject to the approval of the Programme Director/Chairman of the two respective programmes.

(A) Compulsory Courses

Candidates shall complete the following courses from the first semester in Year One to the first semester in Year Two.

(B) Elective Courses*

* 1. Elective courses will be offered spanning from the summer semester in Year One to the 2nd semester in Year Two.
   2. Not all eletive courses will necssarily be offered in a given year.

(C) Skills Training (Compulsory)

Through experiential learning this course provides training in relationship building strategies and skills related to individual and group counselling.

(D) Practicum (Compulsory)

Students are encouraged to find and secure their own fieldwork placement for the practicum training.

(E) Dissertation (Optional)

SOWK6264 Dissertation