Master of Social Sciences
(Nonprofit Management)

MNPM Alumni won Distinction Award from SI CEO Competition in April 2017
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MNPM Alumni won Distinction Award
MNPM Alumni won Distinction Award

Ms. Elaine Tsang and Ms. Nita Cao, alumni of the Master of Social Sciences in Nonprofit Management programme, won the Distinction Award from SI CEO Competition for Tertiary Students, which was jointly organised by SIE Fund and in April 2017. Their proposal, “Red Lips” Campaign, aimed to increase public awareness of Kawasaki Disease (KD), a rare childhood illness that involves inflammation of the blood vessels. Symptoms include red, dry, cracked lips and tongue, redness and swelling of palms and soles of the feet, and widespread rash. Children who suffer from Kawasaki disease may develop serious heart problems.

Through their “Red Lips” campaign, Ms. Tsang and Ms. Cao aim to raise the public’s and parents’ awareness about KD and create income-generation opportunities by inviting low-income housewives and single parents to make lipsticks and sell them online or at booths of universities. It is not only for money making but also for knowledge dissemination.

“My son had got KD in his 14 months in 2016 Christmas and I felt heartbroken when seeing his bleeding lips, so I wore red lips to show my support to my son and hope people do so.” Elaine revealed.

“We would like to thank Dr. Chan and our classmates for their advice and support that enhanced our learning to application, from concept of business model to formation of social impacts. All of them were delighted to know this award and it was an extra lesson for us out of the competition. The whole process was interesting and encouraging to us.” Nita said.

They participated in the SI CEO competition as a way to apply the social enterprise and social impact principles learnt from their MNPM studies in action.